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If you are looking for honest reviews than you came right here! We love ED Pills but we know nothing beats honest consumer reviews from guys like we and you who experience the good and bad things of various ED Pills. So read below...


Viagra Review

John, New York, 1969

I decided to buy Viagra not because I was completely impotent, but simply because I didn't feel that strong powerful erection anymore. Yes sometimes, but not always and sometimes during the sex my mind could be distracted and suddenly I because weak and soft... I imagine how embarrassing this was for me but also for my sexual partners as they thought they might not be attractive or did something wrong, while they didn't! Immediately after I had my first Viagra Pills I made a sexdate and hookup up and took a Viagra Pill 1 hour before and immediately when she touched my I become real hard and stayed hard! We even had sex 3x as I got so quickly excited again and hard. Since this experience I always have my Viagra Pills with me. I buy Generic Viagra Online for years as it saves money and with this trusted online pharmacy I always get super quality pills for a budget price under 1 USD per tablet. 


Cialis Review

Marcel, Los Angeles, 1965

Yes I felt the ages counting and me not getting younger, while I didn't want to give up my sexlife! I tried many erection pills from Viagra to Kamagra, Levitra but finally end up with Cialis tadalafil. I started to use Cialis because I had the experience to have only 1 pill with me and then stayed away for the weekend and run out of power! I decided this will never happen ever to me anymore and therefore a friend advised me to try Cialis, as he told me this pill is known for being the weekend pill and works more than 36 hours! And so i tried and ordered Generic Cialis Online at a trusted pharmacy where I ordered my other ED pills before. The experience was amazing. I was full of confidence that weekend, not worried and had multiple sex over that 2 days without any problems even considering my age. I am so happy I entered the world of ED tablets as not I feel confident and have the sexlife as when I am 18.